Poker Musings is Card Club’s Blog of the Week!

Lord Admiral Nelson (I assume)

I almost fell out of my chair when I heard on the broadcast that my little blog was picked to be Card Club’s Blog of the Week for the April 17th podcast. I’m humbled by the comments, and hope I can meet the standard. I assume the 12,000 Sunday night visitors who viewed the site will be just the first trickle in a deluge of traffic that … what’s that? 12 people?

I’m sure most of you listen to the show on Monday.

Hmmm… and the average commute is only 45 minutes, so some might not even get to the segment until after work…

Is it crazy for me to imagine people stuck in traffic, fast-forwarding to the blog of the week bit?

Wow, this is way too neurotic to publish.

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