Chip Census and Price Survey

Since the television/internet poker boom began, the market for home poker chips has exploded.. Though there isn’t that much “unique” product, it’s almost like internet retailers are going out of their way to obfuscate the exact products they have available. I guess that makes sense if you want to avoid commoditization. Guess what, guys? Too late! Once I knew what I wanted, it was tough to find the places that carried it and compare prices. I thought I’d smooth out that problem by producing this chip census and price survey.


I’ve expanded past the 11.5g catagory. I added the NexGen, the Blue Chip James Bond, the Nevada Jacks Composite, and the heavy Tangiers brass. If I can find a variety of vendors, I’m looking at adding the NJ Clay, Martini Club, and Chipco home market chips. I split the 11.5g 2-colors for better formatting, re-sorted that catagory by number of vendors carrying the chip, and added some guide lines.

General Catagories

The 11.5g chips are catagorized by the type of design on them: two colors, three colors, or edge to edge graphics. The rest are jumbled together on their own table.

Other Sources

Normally this section is at the end of my posts, but in this case, I figured I needed to put it before the main tables or risk having it ignored.

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  1. Rachel Rosenberg Says:

    Our prices have changed.

    Please upate the info.



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