Table Mods for IGM/Party Skins

I mainly play at the IGM/Party sites, but cut my teeth in online poker play at Pokerroom. During my transition, I was quite shocked at the difference in the interface. The Party screen seems a lot busier than the Pokerroom screen. Turning off the characters helped some, but what really helped me turn the corner was a modification to the Party interface (sounds scary, but was quite simple).

Wait, why does the interface look and feel even matter? Well, after playing a while online, I realized that one of the advantages that I was getting over Brick & Mortar casino play was the increased number of hands per hour that I was seeing. One way to boost this even higher was to play at multiple tables at once. This is something that I had to increase slowly over time. Two tables seemed hectic until I got the hang of it, then seemed too slow. The same curve applied for three tables, and I currently play four at a time comfortably. Well, part of the comfort level with handling multiple tables is how easy it is to take in the situation at any given table at a glance. That means having the cleanest looking interface possible.

Here’s an example of the default Party layout:
Default Party Layout
(click to view full-size)

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