Table Mods for IGM/Party Skins

At the same time that I began multi-tabling, I came across a magic piece of software called Gametime+. Gametime+ is an addon to the already terrific Poker Tracker package. While Poker Tracker allows you to compile loads of statistics on your play and that of your opponents, Gametime+ puts that information as an overlay right on your playing screen (the stock Gametime window required it’s own screenspace which limited you to three tables and required that you select a single table’s worth of player stats at a time). With this additional information on the screen, the interface looks even more cluttered.

Here’s what the Party layout looks like with Gametime+ (on a screen that isn’t big enough to show four tables at once). I don’t know how obvious it is, but to me, the fact that the players are gone doesn’t help a whole lot. The empty chairs still provide a lot of visual clutter.
Party Layout with Gametime+
(click to view full-size)

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