11.5g Poker Chip Type and Price Survey

The 11.5 gram chip is currently the dominant product available for home games. Though most sites are selling approximately the same product, I’ve always found it unclear exactly what varieties of product are available. Once I knew what I wanted, it was tough to find the places that carried it and compare prices. I thought I’d smooth out that problem by producing this chip type and price survey.

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General Catagories

Very simply, the chips are catagorized by the type of design on them: two colors, three colors, or edge to edge graphics.

Other Sources

Normally this section is at the end of my posts, but in this case, I figured I needed to put it before the main tables or risk having it ignored.

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2 Responses to “11.5g Poker Chip Type and Price Survey”

  1. juanblanco Says:

    It’s been pointed out in a twoplustwo thread that the Royal Flush (fan denomination) pictured is the Blue Chip “Fan of Cards” variety, which is a premium clay-composite chip which goes for more than 50 cents a chip, while the low-cost leader in this survey is selling an 11.5g plastic with a similar graphic, but certainly not the same chip. Future versions of the survey will reflect this information.

  2. juanblanco Says:

    Updated version of Guide here.

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