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I managed to power through the last three hours of Card Club on Lord Admiral Radio, a poker podcast put on by some gentlemen from Canadia (Edit: that joke’s not nearly as funny in writing; Or sober). Podcast? Think audio blog. It’s a show that’s drifted from a 45 minute target to just over an hour in the recent shows. Truth be told, I’m always sad when the show ends, but that’s the first rule of showbiz, isn’t it?

The show has just the right mix of good friends making insider insults (that’s literati for “goofing on each other” for those of you who only read vernacular) and actual poker content. I’m not sure how they lucked into getting the Poker Prof as a regular correspondent, but kudos to them, as the show is better for it. Very funny self-deprecation as well, especially when viewers write in for strategy tips (”If we knew any we’d tell you”). In other words, a very lighthearted tone, though they’re clearly serious about their poker.

I felt a little regret for being so strict about my decision to listen to the shows in order, as the April 3rd show was especially brilliant with it’s “enemy’s view” analysis of a listener’s no-limit hand. While listening, I cringed at the lack of at least a pot-limit bet on the turn; It was especially interesting to be reminded that No-Limit’s implied odds are high, and that despite the fact that an overbet would have given a draw under 2:1 pot odds, the implied odds of hitting the draw and getting paid off were just too great. I’ll make that transition to No-Limit at some point, but my goal of becoming a winning $3/6 player is a tough enough journey as it is…

The April 10th show had an interesting review of the Poker Tracker Guide, which I’ve been on the fence about buying. Interesting to note that their review characterized it as a positive Expected Value purchase for even those who are already doing auto-rating and game-time analysis. Ok, I’ll check it out and do a review here.

Ahh heck, it’s never too late to become a gushing sycophant, so I’ll drop them a note of appreciation (and that’s 10 points to me for including the word “sycophant” in a blog entry; Oops, -30 points if it’s a self-reference. Damn!!!!).


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  1. Cinci Sean Says:

    Thank-you for the kind words. I really enjoy your writing style - you used “literati” and “vernacular” in review of our show. Surely a first.

    Let me know what you think about the PT Guide if you get it.

  2. juanblanco Says:

    I appreciate the compliment, the mention on the show, and the inspiration.

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