Gold from “Inside the Poker Mind”

Inside The Poker Mind

Inside the Poker Mind: Essays on Hold \'em and General Poker Concepts

While doing more follow-up reading for reviews, I came across this gold from Inside the Poker Mind by John Feeney. In his terrific Bad Plays Good Players Make essay, Feeney references the arguments which Malmuth and Sklansky make in Hold’em Poker for Advanced Players about too often semi-bluffing past the flop. He then emphasises the gold, a combination of two strategic moves: The flop semi-bluff and the turn check-raise.

Letting go of semi-bluffs at the turn looks like you betting the hand on the flop and checking on the turn. Check-raising on the turn with a made hand looks exactly the same to anyone who doesn’t know what you have: a bet on the flop and a check on the turn. If you habitually check-raise your made hands on the turn, you’re going to start getting some free cards on the turn when you’re just letting go of a semi-bluff. Gold!!!!

I think part of this strategy is to monitor the number of times you make each play, ensuring you’re not doing anything 100% of the time, and making sure you’re making money all around. That’s important analysis to make, as you’re potentially giving up Big Bets on the turn (during attempted check-raises) to occasionally buy free turn cards (during abandoned semi-bluffs). You need this analysis to come out on your favor. It shouldn’t be as simple as the number of free cards you give being less than the number of free cards you get, could it? I wonder how to check up on this in pokertracker….

At any rate, I’ve read this section (page 26-7 in my edition) and I get excited every time I re-read it, as I know it’s something I forget to do. And now it’s something I’d like to measure the success of in pokertracker.

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  1. Sean Says:

    An underrated book and your post is a perfect example of why.

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