Hello world! Poker Musings is alive!

Welcome to Poker Musings. It’s amazing what a labor of love a site can be before the first post is up. I’ve been playing the odds on this site (and hope to completely avoid any other hints at jargon-filled meandering … uh-oh), using it as an exercise to relate one active hobby (poker) to an admittedly inactive one (writing). I don’t really know any of the etiquette for blogging, but I hope to learn quickly.

Things You Can Look Forward To On “Poker Musings”

  • I’m a prodigious reader (and a total jackass for using the word prodigious), software junkie, and purchaser of toys from way-back. I hope to write some reviews of this stuff (good, back, and ugly), to help others make purchasing decisions. Wow, this blogging thing is partly about ego, isn’t it? I’m not sure why my opinion is important enough to listen to, but I guess everyone is free to ignore it.
  • In re-reading books for review, I’m coming across interesting stuff that I either forgot or didn’t have enough experience to fully comprehend the first time around. I think the Musings section will revolve around this day-to-day or hour-to-hour blowing of my own mind.
  • Does anyone really care about what sites I’m playing at, what bonuses I’m working on, etc? I think I’ll keep from posting on those types of things unless it’s in plan form. That is, I’ll only talk about these things if I’m egotistical enough to think that you should be doing it too.
  • I can’t really think of any other vast promises to make, but I did want to have more than three list elements. I mean three is the magic number and all, but it just seems like doing the bare minimum to get by. I want to work on doing more than the bare minimum. I also want to avoid starting every sentence the same way, but that’ll have to wait until later.

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