About Poker Musings

Poker Musings began as a desire to express knowledge about poker in a manner in which discussion, community, and shared wisdom could be fostered. I hope enough people are interested in my musings to foster some feedback, gain some traction, see some discussion, and yes, gain some wisdom myself.

My focus, for now, is on Texas Hold’em. This is not a bias. Texas Hold’em is really the only game that I feel I have gained enough proficiency that I have something to share. If I find correspondents who are willing to describe their knowledge of other games, I will seriously consider publishing that knowledge.

I also focus on limit (structured betting) and ring games also known as cash games (the chips represnt actual money not abstract tournament points, and can be redeemed for face value between hands). At a time when no-limit tournaments are so popular, it might not be immediately obvious why, so I would like to explain. Limit games are the most likely to be found the the California Casinos where I played most of my first 200 hours of poker. Brick and mortar casinos are still unlikely to have no-limit games for less than $100 buy-in. However, online Sit-and-Go tournaments (single table) are available for under $40, as are $5 multi-table no-limit tournaments. So why the continued focus on limit cash games? Ok, I admit that at this point, it’s just blind faith. I have read that after one has gained a high level of proficiency in limit ring games, the transition to no-limit games and tournament strategy is not difficult. I read and I believe. Hopefully one of the side-effects of this project will be to document that transition and to comment upon it.

Any other biases in my self-examination? Well, I have to admit that I have not spent much time thinking about tells. This is probably because the majority of my play is still online, but also because I do not believe that tells enter enough in the game that they will make a differnce in my earn right now. I am not having a whole lot of luck starting and maintaining home games, and every hand played in brick and mortar casinos represents over four hands I could have played online.

Finally, I am struggling a bit with the format of this site, not visually, but catagorically. I hope to be generating high-quality content, and am hoping that what I write can stand the test of time. Does that make me a web log? I do not know that there are any formal definitions of the word, but I do not know what it feels like to be a “blogger”. Hmmm…. maybe I don’t need to spend a lot of time worrying about this. The site is what it is…